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About Orientation

Sept 2-7, 2019

What is orientation?

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Orientation is

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Our Mission

The Woodsworth Orientation Week aims to make transition easier for all new Woodsworth College students. We host a variety of social and educational events open to all incoming Woodsworth College students.

We promise to foster a fun, accessible and inclusive environment in which incoming students can find the opportunities, people and resources to succeed in their upcoming years at the University of Toronto.

When is Orientation?

Orientation Week 2019 will take place from Sept 2 - 7. Orientation events will be happening throughout the WHOLE WEEK!

Meals, snacks and beverages will be provided throughout orientation week as a part of your orientation package. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions in the registration form :)



Colour legend:

Purple: only available for early bird and regular packages

Red: outdoor activities

Blue: food!

Yellow: chill events

Green: events&workshops

*Note: Changes may be made to events, times and locations.


Event Description

Simply scroll down or click on the day to see event description!




Location: Woodsworth College

Come check-in for your orientation flight and pick up your orientation kits and shirt! Get to know your cabin crew, co-captains and the ground control team prior to take-off!



Location: Kruger Hall, Woodsworth College

Food time! Enjoy a delicious pre-flight meal in our spacious VIP lounge area where you can mingle with fellow flyers and staff.

Opening Ceremonies


Location: Goldring Centre for High Performance

All systems are a go! The turbines have heated up and we’re ready for a big welcome to kick off this week of in-flight festivities! Formal introduction of the ground control crew and terminal management accompanied with in-flight instruction to ensure you have a safe and fun-filled trip.

Consent Programming


Location: Goldring Centre for High Performance

Please Note: This event does contain sensitive content which some flyers may find uncomfortable. If you have any concerns or questions, please send them to


Farrah Khan

Consent Culture Educator and Activist

Campus Tours


Location: University of Toronto

A campus tour unlike any other! We’ll help you find your class locations, share where the best places to study (or nap) are, and what all the shortcuts are (because honestly, 10 minutes really isn’t enough to get between classes).

Please Note: This event involves extensive walking as you will be exploring a variety of buildings on the U of T campus, if you require any accommodations please contact


Dinner with the Crew
Location: Kruger Hall

Spend some quality time with your crew as you retreat back to your airport gate, grab some grub and socialize prior to tonight’s big destination.


Block Party


Location: Devonshire Place

Welcome to the streetwide carnival! We’ve got games, inflatable obstacle courses, and free stuff from our beloved sponsors. Make sure to stop by the dunk tank to send your favourite co-captain for a swim and jam out to the thumping beats our DJ will be spinning.



E-Mentorship Breakfast


Location: Kruger Hall, Woodsworth College

Day two kicks off with a nice breakfast to help you recoup from last night’s festivities. Stop by for a great opportunity to finally meet your e-mentors in person, other Woodsworth students with similar interests as you, talk to upper-year students about what opportunities await you here at UofT or just hang out with your crew.



Location: TBA

Sit in on a mock UofT lecture to get a feel for what being in class is like! You’ll get to meet people in your program from other colleges as well as get advice from potential professors.

Mural Painting


Location: Waters Lounge

Release your inner Van Gogh and let your artistic creativity take you away on a different kind of trip as you explore the fun of getting paint everywhere! Help construct part of larger mural piece to really show off the strong spirit of the Woodsworth Community.

Mock Lectures


Location: WW120, WW121

Experience lectures and learn how to learn efficiently and retain knowledge in a lecture!

Getting Involved


Location: WW119

Learn how you can get involved in student life and gain valuable skill sets!

Studying 101


Location: Kruger Hall

Learn all the academic essentials to thrive in your upcoming years!

Meet your Resources


Location: Kruger Hall

Learn about all the resources available at the university that helps you thrive in the future!

Dinner with the Crew


Location: Kruger Hall

Dinner is served! Another scrumptious dinner awaits as you eagerly anticipate tonight’s destination. Make sure to talk about outfit ideas because sometimes it’s hard to decide if you want to wear the cute 3-inch pumps or those fierce 4.5-inch stilettos.




Location: Waters Lounge, Woodsworth Residence

Get hyped for club night! There will be refreshments, music and snap some pics prior to your night out.

Please note: Orientation attire is not mandatory


Board Games


Location: Kruger Hall

Relax in our lounge area as you partake in fun board games and conversation.

Club Night


Location: TBA

A night filled with great music, dancing and socializing. There is no dress code for this event, just come out and have a good time with your Woodsworth friends. Buses will be picking us up from Woodsworth!

Please Note:

*You don’t need to be wearing your Woodsworth shirt for this event

*This event contains flashing lights, loud music and we will be transporting to the venue on a bus. If you require any accommodations please contact

*This is a DRY event.

Movie Night


Location: Kruger Hall, Woodsworth College

If clubbing is not the scene, come cuddle up in Kruger hall to watch a movie with your crew, with warm popcorn and great company! The perfect low-key event to end another busy day.




Breakfast with WCSA
Location: Kruger Hall, Woodsworth College

Take part in an age-old tradition at Woodsworth by scoffing down a stack of pancakes at our WCSA Wednesday!

Woodsworth Tours
Location: Kruger Hall, Woodsworth College

Get to know your Woodsworth College Students' Association (WCSA) and the Woodsworth Clubs we have to offer at the college. ​While you’re at it, take a tour of the airport with a guided tour courtesy of Woodsworth Airlines.

Pep Rally


Location: Woodsworth Quad

Get into the Woodsworth spirit! Deck yourselves with paw prints, W’s and wolves to demonstrate your college pride! 


Cheer off


Location: Varsity Stadium

Woody woddy woddy! Prepare for an afternoon of cheering and showing which college is the best!

Tri-Campus Parade


Location: Parade Route, Downtown Toronto

March down the Toronto streets shouting and chanting as you spread College Spirit and UofT pride alongside the other colleges and UofT campuses.

Please Note: The parade will require walking for long periods of time, if you require any accommodations please contact


Clubs Fair


Location: Front Campus

As our parade comes to an end, we enter front campus to take a look at the numerous university clubs on campus. Get to know their missions and the people behind their projects. Don’t forget to snag a few freebies and discounts as you traverse the herd of students that block off the street! Make sure to sign up for clubs that cater to your interest.


Sundae Bar


Location: Mini-Kruger, Woodsworth College

I scream you scream! What a better way to end a long day of parading about in the sweltering sun than with a scoop (or two!) of ice cream.

Closing Ceremonies


Location: Kruger Hall, Woodsworth College

And we have touchdown! Join us for our closing ceremonies to (officially) close the 3-Day orientation week for the year. Swing by for some prizes and don’t forget to come out to the other activities we have for the rest of the week.




Karaoke Night


Location: Kruger Hall, Woodsworth College

After your first day of classes you’re going to want to unwind at our Karaoke Night. Select your song, grab a mic and unleash your inner musician. Bear witness to a mixture of some beautiful and awful singing while you relax in the VIP lounge.



Pajama Movie Night


Location: Kruger Hall, Woodsworth College

What’s better than a movie night you ask? A PAJAMA MOVIE NIGHT! Come out in your cutest PJs and blankets to get cozy and watch a movie. It’s a perfect way to end your Friday.




Woodsworth Beach Party


Location: Woodbine Beach

Enjoy the sunshine! More details coming soon.

Boat Cruise


Location: Toronto Harbour

End Orientation with a bang! Join us on a boat cruise that will display a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline. Do not miss this opportunity to dress fancy, enjoy a delicious dinner on the water, and dance!



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